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As a central part of our efforts to provide creative workers access to the resources and information they need, we maintain a network of local artistic professionals who agree to make themselves available to their community. 

Advisors represent a wide range of knowledge and include musicians, producers, visual artists, venue and gallery owners, and other leaders in the field. Community members seeking assistance with a specific issue or a particular question can reach out to us to get connected with the Advisor who can best help. Our intention is that Advisors will provide one-on-one assistance to help put people on the right track, get started in a new direction, or lend their expertise. In cases where the need for guidance or assistance reaches beyond what can be addressed with an Advisor, we'll collaborate on finding a more long-term solution.

Please use the form on our Contact page to talk with us about how we can help

and to ask about being put in touch with an Advisor.

We know their contact information might be available via their websites,

but please go through us so we can help facilitate your conversation!


This is out of respect for our Advisors' time and out of our desire to ensure we're able to be fully involved in helping our community with whatever needs they may have.

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