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The Resource Library is an ever-evolving project of the CCC.

Built to be a centralized source for information and communication, we intend this as a tool to democratize knowledge in our artistic community.

Currently, the Resource Library exists here on our website as a static (though, consistently updated) list. Our plan is to take what is started here and build a dedicated platform with searchable topics, forums for discussion and collaboration, and easily navigable information pertinent to our creative community's needs.

Click through the topics below to find information about local resources in the Little Rock, AR, area. 

Please use our contact page if you want to request an addition, find an error, or have any questions.

Arts Institutions, Organizations, & Companies

Area groups presenting or supporting creative work

Cultural Events

Major, regularly scheduled arts-related events that provide gigs, exposure, and entertainment

Bookstores, Galleries, Venues

Locally-owned, private businesses that present, sell, or promote creative work

Grants & Financial Assistance

Sources for financial help and/or granting agencies and foundations

Other Cultural Organizations

Culturally enriching organizations that are not directly arts-related

Community Experts

Area experts in the arts or in helpful fields that might benefit or provide assistance to a creative worker

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