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What exactly do you do?
We do three things - 1) we connect working artistic professionals that need advice or assistance on a specific topic with people that can help them or answer their questions, 2) we create programs that fulfill our mission to increase access for the artistic community to resources and access to creative work for the larger community, and, 3) through all our efforts, we do all we can to foster a strong network of support for and between artistic people. 

What sorts of things do you help artistic professionals with?
For now, our team can personally help with questions or problems someone might have in the following areas: financial advising, healthcare access, organizational management, and networking. We also maintain a long list of local Advisors who can assist on a wide range of topics pertaining to the business and development of artistic careers and lives.


How do I get help?
Always, you can contact our team as a starting point. In addition to finding us on social media, there is a contact form on our website. 
However, our website lists our currently available Advisors. We maintain an ever-growing network of local experts whose knowledge ranges from managing a venue to working as a producer to reading or drafting a contract to recording an album to hanging a show in a gallery (and on and on). We’ve listed our Advisors in a way that we hope helps you narrow down who might be helpful for you, but if you need a suggestion on whom to start with, just contact us!

Do your Advisors get paid?
We strongly affirm the imperative that creative professionals are paid fairly for their labor, knowledge, talent, and product. That said, we also believe that, in the work of building a community, one core strategy is finding ways for people to help each other. Offering our knowledge to our peers and neighbors builds connection, pride, and gratitude. We ask our Advisors to donate their knowledge for the benefit of our entire community. However, projects or efforts that go beyond knowledge-sharing will always, for the CCC, contain a monetary recognition of our use of our community’s time and/or talents.

If I want to become an Advisor, what do I do?
Our dream is to build a network that spans our entire community, including everyone who wants to participate. Please reach out to us, and we will talk to you about how you can get involved. 

Besides just talking to people, what are you planning to do?
First, we continually update our Resource Library to connect artistic people with information they can use for the betterment of their lives and their careers. This library includes links to existing services they can access for assistance, information on other organizations doing work for their benefit, and helpful tips on navigating systems of support that already exist. We are also working with a handful of partners to develop community-building programming, specifically centered around issues of access to the arts. Beyond that, we are eager to listen to our community and learn about the gaps that we can fill, the connections we can make, and the ways we can help.


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