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The Center for Cultural Community says Thank You

Celebrate our successful match campaign with us, be a part of our new CCC Forum, and accept our heartfelt thanks for all your support.


Our Mission

The Center for Cultural Community builds and cultivates support for creative people.

We open avenues for assistance, provide access to knowledge,

and foster opportunities for connection.


Match Campaign Complete!

And Then Some!!

A photo of the CCC's Party for Placemaking fundraising event with the organization's logo and the words "$5,500, campaign complete" in front

In October, we launched a fundraising campaign to match a $5,000 gift from Artspace and the Windgate Foundation. Through the last three months, our total grew steadily as we prepared to host our Party for Placemaking event, which took place December 10. We welcomed our friends and supporters into the magical back space of Esse Purse Museum and, through the course of the night (and thanks to MANY very talented karaoke contestants), raised over $1,000 - bringing our campaign total to $5,500!

With the $10,500, we plan to locate and rent an office where our community can come and join us in person over the next couple of years. Our long-term space plans are in the works, but we're eager to have a home as soon as we can and are even more excited to host panel discussions, networking events, parties, and problem-solving meetings with all of you.


CCC Forum is Live

By resounding request from the community we serve, we developed an online Forum, hosted within our website, to provide kinship, discussion, collaboration, and more to creative professionals looking to connect with each other. In tandem with our Resource Library, we hope (like all of what we do) the Forum builds knowledge and increases camaraderie in artistic circles.

We envision topics emerging naturally from the community, but will periodically post discussion suggestions or pose questions to our members. Come and find your people!


Thank You All

A group of photographs of musicians and visual artists with the words "Thank You" in front of them
Photography by Dazzmin Murry and Seth Baldy; from top left moving clockwise, John Kushmaul, The Katy, Kami Renee, Bri Peterson, Dedicated Visual Arts Studio, Adam Faucett, and LaSheena Gordon

Countless people helped us build our work over this last year, by contributing, volunteering, participating, talking, suggesting, and encouraging. We have so much gratitude for each person we've encountered. Our community is already so strong and we're eager to keep making it even better. Thank you for the part you play in making it better with us.


We believe that artistic work is valuable - to our society and to the individual.

We believe that artistic work is worthy of the dedication of one's time,

one's resources, and one's life.

We believe artistic workers are essential to a community.

If you share those beliefs, you can support our work by clicking here.

the Center for Cultural Community logo

Center for Cultural Community

PO Box 2871, Little Rock, AR 72203

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