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The Center for Cultural Community Keeps Growing

Take a leap with us and keep us growing, never miss another chance to Hobnob,

and see how we did in our second year.


Our Mission

The Center for Cultural Community builds and cultivates support for creative people.

We open avenues for assistance, provide access to knowledge,

and foster opportunities for connection.


Keep Us Growing!

Fundraising Campaign Art for Center for Cultural Community

When we were founded, we spent a lot of time asking our creative community how they would like us to help. From their input, we built our programs and services and have been quickly expanding! Help us continue to grow by being a part of our summer funding campaign!

Contribute to our campaign on Facebook here

or donate online by visiting our website!

Like every small nonprofit, each year we must ensure that we raise the funds needed to continue operating and developing the services our community needs. We're nearing the end of our second fiscal year and have been so grateful for the support we've received so far. Thanks to our donors, we've created multiple programs, helped so many people with new ideas and new connections, connected artistic professionals with health care services, and generated a lot of excitement about the future for our creative workers.

Getting a brand new nonprofit off the ground requires the immense generosity of so many people, all willing to get behind a new idea and take a risk. To everyone who's jumped off this cliff with us, we can't thank you enough!


Hobnobs are Going Strong!

Photo Collage from the Center for Cultural Community's Hobnob Creatives Networking Night

Have you missed the first two Hobnob: CCC Creatives Networking Nights? Never fear!

Hobnobs are happening regularly at the legendary White Water Tavern on Thayer St. in Little Rock - keep an eye on our social media pages to learn when the next one will be!

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Center for Cultural Community's Second Year Info Sheet

We believe that artistic work is valuable - to our society and to the individual.

We believe that artistic work is worthy of the dedication of one's time,

one's resources, and one's life.

We believe artistic workers are essential to a community.

If you share those beliefs, you can support our work by clicking here.


Center for Cultural Community

PO Box 2871, Little Rock, AR 72203

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