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The Center for Cultural Community Invites You

Join us at Hobnob: A CCC Creatives Networking Night this coming Monday, contribute to our continuing work, and hear about what we can do together.


Our Mission

The Center for Cultural Community builds and cultivates support for creative people.

We open avenues for assistance, provide access to knowledge,

and foster opportunities for connection.


Who Wants to Hobnob?!

Hobnob Creative Networking Night Logo

We're so excited to host the first of many regular networking events geared specifically toward our creative professional scene. Join us at Little Rock's cultural living room, The White Water Tavern, at 6pm on Monday, March 28!

This first one is for EVERYONE! No matter the discipline you work in or the stage of your career, come and hang with other artistic folks and get to know who's next door!

Our greatest satisfaction comes from our efforts to manifest the hopes and dreams of the community we serve. So many creative people talked to us about their need and desire for more opportunities to meet and connect. We're over the moon to be able to host events that provide them with that chance.


Are You a Donor?

Image of PayPal Donation Page for the Center for Cultural Community

The ongoing generosity of our friends and neighbors is inspiring. We are lucky and grateful to have the collection of donors we know and love.

We invite you to contribute alongside them - increasing our ability to champion artistic workers, furthering our efforts to meet their needs, and ensuring our mission is realized for years to come.

One truly meaningful way to give is through a monthly donation.

Click the image above to become a sustaining supporter of our work.

Our monthly donors are the critical scaffolding of our growing infrastructure. We can't thank them enough!


Mayors Love Meetings!

When the Mayor asks you how the City of Little Rock can better support its locally-owned live music venues, you say "let's ask them!"

We were honored to convene a meeting between Mayor Frank Scott, Jr., Scott Carter, the City's Public Affairs and Creative Economy Advisor, and several crucial representatives from our music scene, including the owners and operators of Vino's, Stickyz/Rev Room, and the White Water Tavern.

Our discussion highlighted some concrete steps to improve both communications and visibility for our local venues. We're confident that our work in this area will continue towards some exciting developments. We'll keep you posted!


We believe that artistic work is valuable - to our society and to the individual.

We believe that artistic work is worthy of the dedication of one's time,

one's resources, and one's life.

We believe artistic workers are essential to a community.

If you share those beliefs, you can support our work by clicking here.

The Center for Cultural Community's Logo

Center for Cultural Community PO Box 2871, Little Rock, AR 72203

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