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The Center for Cultural Community says Happy Summer

Help us reach our summer fundraising goal, learn about who is supporting us, read about our first Listening Session, and get yourself a brand new tote.


Our Mission

The Center for Cultural Community builds and cultivates support for creative people.

We open avenues for assistance, provide access to knowledge,

and foster opportunities for connection.


Be a Part of Our Summer Fundraising Campaign

We made it through our first fiscal year consistently blown away by the support we received. We want to end it with a bang and hit one last goal.

We’d like to reach $3,000 before July 1 and are already ⅓ of the way there!

Would you contribute to our push to head into Fiscal Year 2

with some real momentum?

Visit our Support page on our website to donate now or

mail a check to PO Box 2871, Little Rock, AR 72203.

Something to note: if you donate by check, more of your generosity will reach us

since we’ll avoid any credit card processing fees!

We'll follow up later this month to update you on the fundraiser's progress!


Who are Our Donors?

We want to take a moment to highlight the individuals who have helped us get our start by sharing some information about our founding donor base. The people represented by these statistics are friends, family, neighbors, community leaders, and artists. They are, every one of them, kind and generous people and we are lucky to have their support.

From day one, we prioritized seeking the direct input and backing of the community we serve. We’re proud to be able to say that no fewer than half of our donors are members of the creative community or are currently practicing artists. Here’s an interesting breakdown of their artistic practices:

A graph showing the spread of artistic representation among the CCC's donors

Since the start of our fundraising efforts in November of 2020, we’ve relied solely on the generosity of individuals to launch our programming and operations. So far, almost 50 people have contributed, giving more than $13,500 in donations.

We want to specifically acknowledge the importance of our smaller contributions:

  • 84% of gifts were under $500

  • The average small gift (under $500) was $58

  • 37 gifts were $50 or under

Percentage of Total Income by Donor

A graph showing the percentages of each gift to the CCC by donor

For an organization of our size, each gift - whether $10 or $1,000 - is precious and every contribution is meaningful.


Listening Session #1 was a Blast

A screenshot of the online video chat for CCC's Listening Session

We recently hosted our first Listening Session - an exciting and centrally-important program for us. Listening Sessions are a series of conversations wherein we invite creative workers to answer questions and discuss topics with us relating to the services and resources they need, the barriers they face, and the solutions they’ve historically utilized.

For our first one, held at the end of April, we talked with eight local artists and creatives. The conversation covered wide-ranging hopes and frustrations including some of the topics here:

  • Their desire for an online resource for information and communication

  • The need for more networking and mentoring

  • Barriers to or restrictions on certain types of support

  • A hope for better promotion and coordination within the community

We shared the questions posed and the answers discussed on our social media accounts. Take a look by clicking HERE to read about our conversation!


Snag a CCC Tote!

Images of each side of the CCC Tote Bag

Click the photos to head over to our shop and get yourself a brand new CCC tote bag!

Logo designed by William Boyd, printed locally by AR-T's.


Center for Cultural Community

PO Box 2871, Little Rock, AR 72203

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